Watch The Mystery Piano Man Christopher Scamp Touching Notes Of Known Songs

Christopher Scamp’s rise to fame began after a video of him playing a Piano placed outside the Forsyth Music store in Deansgate by the store owners went viral. The Video began with Christopher playing Faithless’ “Insomnia,” Alice DJ’s “Better Off Alone”, Cascada’s “Every Time We Touch,” Dr. Dre’s “Still D.R.E.,” Indila’s “Dernière Danse,” and Tupac Shakur’s “Changes.”

For a while his identity remained a mystery until the Manchester Daily News tracked him down and revealed his identity. It turned out the mystery pianist was 30 year old Christopher Scamp, a multi-instrumentalist from Liverpool who didn’t own any instruments and never took music lessons. The fact that he didn’t own a piano and taught himself how to play added more intrigue to his performance and personality. The viral footage captured by Manchester local Richard Parker, clocked up more than 6 million views on Facebook and got the attention of Steven Brown the McCoo artist, who was so impressed by Christopher’s performance that he invited him to Trump Turnberry to play the grand piano. The performance was streamed online to thousands of viewers on Facebook.

Christopher, who also plays the saxophone, drums and guitar has had requests to play in Cuba, Las Vegas & Dundee since the video went viral. Christopher is a full time care giver for his mom, and recently he began offering Piano lessons on his Facebook page for anyone who wants to become the next ‘Piano man’.

Watch The Full Video Here :

Christopher Scamp’s journey will no doubt be an incredible one, many artistes before him like Ed Sheeran have gone from being virtually unknown to becoming international sensations.  We have a good feeling that he is also going to be an absolute star!

Keep up-to-date with his performances by following him on Facebook. If you are lucky enough to see him perform live in Manchester, make sure you stop for a few minutes to appreciate his performance