Watch Valerio Papa Making Love With His Guitar On Led Zeppelin Tunes

“I started to play electric guitar at 12 years old with a little band called Overdaisy. We moved to Milano when I was 18 and started to play around (Battle of the Band by Virgin – Opening to Litfiba – Hard Rock Cafè… etc) . 3 Years ago I left my job and I started playing on the street feeling free. Busking has changed my life.” 

Italian guitarist Valerio Papa born in Bracciano Rome is a self-taught guitarist, he started playing the acoustic guitar at the age of 5. Being born in a family of musicians it was the natural thing for Valerio to follow the path of music. By age 12 he had started playing the electric guitar, and then in 2012, Valerio joined a band (The Grit) and moved to Milano to perform and showcase their act.

The band recorded their only EP single “Fill the void” and a year later they split. Valerio Papa took a job as a pizza guy and started busking as a means to express his passion for the guitar and entertain passerbys in the streets of Milano. He later quit his job as a pizza guy and started working in a recording studio. Valerio Papa is currently working on a recording project with Italian rapper Axos, which would be released later this year, and we simply cannot wait to hear what these musical geniuses are cooking.

During the summer, Valerio travels around Europe busking, He loves every minute of the experience because it connects him with people in a way no stage or lights can replicate. Valerio loves the sense of freedom that comes from travelling and performing in the streets of different cities. If you are ever in Italy, you might be lucky enough to experience that mesmerizing effect Valerio has with his guitar as he performs live in the streets of Bologna or Milano.


The world needs more street artistes like Valerio who bring happiness into our mundane street corners and public places. They are giving something to the society each time they make effort to bring beauty and smiles into our everyday world with their art.

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