Two Nuns Gambled $500K in Vegas from the Money Deposited in Catholic School

From a Catholic church in Southern California, 2 nuns allegedly embezzled $500K, belonging to the school funds.

It has been reported that Sister Lana Chang and Sister Mary Margaret Kreuper used a reasonable amount of money deposited in school for the purpose of tuition fee, school fee, and a few donations, to go on trips and stake at casinos.

Sister Kreuper, a former principal at St. James Catholic School, Torrence and Sister Chang, a teacher in the same school shared a great equation as colleagues and as friends. The two also retired from their posts around the same time earlier in the year.

During the reporting of this incident, it was brought to the notice and surprise of everyone that the nuns had been involved with embezzlement of the funds for years before their retirement. And while this was going on behind the scenes, the parents were made to believe that the school was functioning on a bare minimum budget.

The nuns expressed their sincere apologies and remorse with regard to this incident. Thus it was decided that neither the church nor the archdiocese is going to charge them with criminal offence.

Press Telegram has reported that Michael Meyers, the monsignor at the church, paved a private investigation 6 months prior to the incident. It was to audit the procedures associated with a revision in leadership.

Around the same time, one of the families requested for the details about a cheque deposited to the institution. It was then that things began to unravel as it was discovered that the money had been credited in an alternate bank account other than the one for the school.

Meyers noticed that when the question of forthcoming financial review of the school came up, Kreuper became significantly anxious and nervous.

To comprehend the situation with more accuracy an autonomous forensic auditor was hired. It was then that the seriousness of the incident was revealed.

It was proved that for approximately a decade this fraud had been taking place. Though the numbers that the auditors could manage to give as evidence were only for the last 6 years. The data, however, did not necessarily include other transactions that happened through cash.

Except for Chang and Kreuper, nobody else remembered the details of the bank account of the church that was opened in the year 1997. For the years preceding 2012, no bank records could be recovered during the audit.

Press Telegram rightly pointed out that it was a well-planned act and nobody could suspect it. Since both the parish and the school were equally involved in this, financial misappropriation couldn’t be questioned.

According to Meyers, the two different systems that had been designed divided people in a manner that nothing came under suspicion ever.

According to the updates on this, Sister Chang and Sister Kreuper have been disengaged from their official post in the church ministry and transferred to separate convents.