This Is Probably The BEST Tribute To Chester Bennington Ever

Chester Bennington, the deceased front man of Linkin Park, passed away on July 20, 2017 and his death shocked many.

Fans, lovers, music enthusiasts and people from all walks of life paid tribute to the singer in many ways.

However, nothing compares to the amazing and astounding tribute paid to the late singer in a recent video, where a crowd of thousands is singing along Mike Shinoda to remember the deceased singer. The video is definitely a tearjerker.

In the recent video, Mike Shinoda, the co-founder, singer and pianist of Linkin Park was live in concert where he asked the crowd to sing “In The End” with him to pay a tribute to Chester.

Chester Bennington lost his life to suicide. He was deeply affected by the death of his friend and front man of Audioslave and Sound Garden, Chris Cornell.

In fact, Chester also paid a heart-felt tribute to Chris Cornell after his death. It seems, however, life is truly unpredictable because while few months back he was paying a tribute to his late friend, people now are paying a tribute to him.

Chester Bennington had a rough past and he was struggling with depression. He also battled alcohol addiction. Chester seemed normal with his big family, kids and wife. He was a loving father and husband. It did not seem like anything was “off” about him in his last days.

Bennington, in fact, was on a family vacation and came a day earlier from his family because he apparently wanted to work. He spoke to his friend too on the same day he was coming back and nothing seemed off.

It baffles many to understand that what shook him so much that in a day, he took his own life life.

Chester’s death was ruled as suicide by hanging. Coincidentally or not, his death was on the day of the 53rd birthday of his close friend, Chris Cornell. Cornell’s death was also ruled as suicide by hanging.

Chester Bennington was a popular name in the music industry. He was the front man of Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots, Grey Daze and others. His contribution to music has been quite unmatched. Chester was married twice. His death left everybody in dismay.

The recent video of Shinoda in Chester’s tribute is heart warming and heart wrenching in many ways. It is definitely a tear jerker and it makes you think a lot of things: The irony of life, the irony of history, lessons about emotions, dealing with fear, understanding how temporary this life is and how upsetting certain life incidents can get.

Watch the video here: