This Engineer Is Building Emergency Igloos In France To Give Shelter To The Homeless During Winter

France tends to get really cold during winters. Plus, with climate change being a major issue all over the world, the winters can be especially cold. However, most of the people can settle in their snug cozy beds without a worry. They can turn up the fireplace and then, sit in the comfort of the heat. 

However, not everyone is this privileged.

France has a growing number of homeless people and there is no ‘heat’ or ‘shelter’ for them. They will have to brave the winter cold and sleep on the cold streets. Most of us can’t even imagine what they will be going through. Some people might even end up dying of hypothermia.

An engineer, Geoffrey De Reynal, can’t stand something like this. He drafted a plan to build emergency igloo shelters for homeless people so that they can survive the freezing temperatures of France. These igloos will be waterproof as they will be made out of polyethylene foam. And then, it will have an extra covering of aluminum foil. This will act as insulation. When a person settles inside this igloo, their body temperature will help to raise the temperature inside the igloo. It will be about 15 degree Celsius warmer than the outside temperature. 

De Reynal developed the first few prototypes with his own money to test it out. He constructed 20 igloos – half of which was distributed in Bordeaux and the other half in Paris. At first, 9 igloos were used to test out. Turns out, the people were really happy. Not only did the igloos keep them warm, but they were also able to keep them safe from thieves and prowling animals. The success made him start crowdfunding and he amassed around $20,000 for his project.

De Reynal hopes to experiment with this money and develop newer and modified models of this igloo. He plans to develop thousands of them by next winter (2020) and really make a difference for the homeless.

Let’s hope he gets the success he deserves.

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