The Next-Generation Clock Is Here And It Will Mesmerize You!

Humans have always wondered about time. Time is the most tangible dimension of our universe. We are never entitled to store it in free space. Mankind’s obsession with the dimension of time ranges back to the Stone age – when wild men would put a stick on the ground and measure time based on the sun’s angle with the ground!

Mankind has evolved a lot since then with groundbreaking discoveries in the fields of science. One such discovery in the recent times is the ‘Ferrolic’ – already been hailed as the clock of the future. Ferrolic utilizes a particular element ‘Ferrofluid’, a liquid made up of small magnetic particles. The natural dynamic of this fluid is so smooth and aesthetic that it has been often used to create transitions representing animals and texts in special fonts.

But the clock-making industry made no haste to study its properties closely. It took up the essence of the aesthetics of the Ferro Fluid to come up with the indigenous discovery of the Ferrolic clock.

The Ferro Fluid is channelled by strong electromagnets which change the structure of the fluid with the effortless transition. It does not produce any form of noise, light or added disadvantages. It is controlled by a software which automatically makes it change its time. The Ferrolic clock is often regarded to as “the most aesthetic clock of the future era” and rightfully so. You can literally place it on a wall and watch it, awestruck by its beauty!

They say time and tide wait for none. As much as we are invested in the idea of taking forward our idea of discoveries and inventions, we often lose track of the essence of time itself. Clocks like Ferrolic might actually improve the visual aesthetic of the time, but it reminds us of our primary duty: to keep track of time and chase it down to fulfil our primary objectives in life!

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