Techno Vikings Rock To Trance Music: Deadly Combination

Techno Vikings are an incredibly viral act that has made rounds with their eerie dance on the streets of Berlin. Founded by Matthias Fritsch, their 2nd act is quite groovy.

The video was recorded in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is home to a lot of different and entertaining things but who knew that the Techno Vikings would continue to rock on the streets of the city.

The Unexpected Dance And Video

Viking’s lead man Fritsch turned a small act into a big one as he made a full-length film for his act. Their original video got a lot of attention on social media and in fact, it was the first viral videos on the Internet.

In their first video, which was uploaded in 2000 under “Kneecam No.1”, Techno Vikings were found hustling and dancing away in the streets of Berlin.

This time, the act is a bit broader, a bit wider and many people are seen joining the lead man. However, he is still the main attraction because of his appearance and style.

The coolest part about their second video is the music. The video features deep house music and it is hard to not get along to it.

The video, on the whole, gives a broader insight into Techno Vikings as an interesting act.

About Techno Viking

Techno Viking is a worldwide Internet phenomenon. Techno Viking’s act and video got millions of views. Their videos have continued to get and stay viral and have always attracted thousands of watchers.

Even though Techno Viking got the attention and attraction of the masses, he was subject to criticism and certain legalities.

Nonetheless, the act is a very unorthodox and one that has been enjoyed, viewed and loved by thousands of people worldwide.

Watch their video here: