Watch This Couple Bring 1950s to 2018 On ‘Long Tall Sally’: Stellar Dance Performance

Are you a fan of the 50’s? Do you miss the fact that today, there are no such avenues that you can explore where you can experience the 50s dance and music?

People today, who are fans of old school dance and style, have been looking for their classic moves in different locations. However, to their dismay, not many have shown them exactly how it is done.

However, this was till this couple brought the 1950s back to 2018 in a heart felt performance on “Long Tall Sally” by Little Richard.

In a rocking video, where they are dancing to an all time classic, both the guy and girl are seen dancing in the 50s style in front of an audience of hundreds and everybody seems to be enjoying it dearly.

The video, which is about 2 minutes, 30 seconds long, features the couple dancing to a song that is loved by many.

With their twirls, spins, backflips and more, there is no holding this couple back, as they showcase their talent live.

The song they are dancing to is Long Tall Sally by Little Richard. Richard was a known musician of the 50s. He was an American recording artist, actor, singer and songwriter. He had many good names to his record, including Long Tall Sally, which was released in 1957, Tutti Frutti (1957), Good Golly Miss Molly (1958), Rip It Up(1957) and others.

The song they are rocking to by Little Richard can be watched here:

It is no surprise that the older generation is looking to fulfill their hearts by longing for something of their years. There aren’t many places to find something of that sort today. However, this couple has proven that anything can happen if you have the right talent and zeal.

I’ve watched this video over 10 times because it isn’t just about the song or bringing the 50s to 2018. It is about their precision, talent and the fact that they just did not go wrong with ANY move. Amazing.

Watch the video here:

Credits : Producciones 1920