Daily Life Parody, Speaking With A Hot Girl

Hot girls have developed a really good sense of social cues because they get hit on a ton and are more sociable. And, we as guys can feel their special sixth sense when we approach them. So much so that when end up talking to a hot girl, we know they’re judging us.

These are the girls you think of on a daily basis. The ones that make you creepily guilty when you skim over their facebook photos, the ones whose beauty always stops you in the middle of anywhere you are… 🙂

They’re judging to see if you can calm your ass down and have a normal conversation with them. Many men can’t handle this, so they just freeze up like in this parody.

Video by :
Viva La Dirt League, or VLDL, is a group of professional YouTubers who create comedy skits about games.

Until six months ago, Alan Morrison, Rowan Bettjeman and Adam King were just workaday people like you or me. They had nothing to recommend them to the world; nothing to set them apart from other members of the dead-eyed mob miserably busing between work and home.

Today they’re the owners of one of New Zealand’s fastest growing YouTube channels. Their videos are routinely viewed more than 250,000 times. They have New Zealand On Air funding, more than 400,000 Facebook fans, and a bounty of that most coveted commodity: web clicks.

VLDL’s most popular videos make fun of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), the hugely popular battle royale game – the one that’s not Fortnite.

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