Saving A Life: Hundreds Of People Come Together To Save A Humpback Whale!

Kindness is one of the rarest and the most underrated virtues of all time. Sadly, in recent years, we do not even meet a lot of people who truly care about other human beings or even animals. It is generally said, quite wisely, that the world is a bad, bad place but not all of it is bad and unforgiving. This story about a humpback whale is a reminder to everyone that all hope is not lost and there are still people out there that genuinely care.

A humpback whale was discovered by some on the coast of Rio De Janerio, breathing heavy and probably taking its last breaths. It would have been easier to give up and let the whale die but that is not what these people decided to do. Before making any concrete plans, they kept covering the whale with tens and hundreds of wet towel to keep it alive but later they came up with the idea that saved the whale’s life: a tractor.

They brought in a tractor and they used it to pick up the whale and release it back to its home- the sea. One can very easily imagine that this is no easy thing to do and requires a lot of manpower. To help with this, hundreds of people came together to make sure that the poor humpback whale was sent back home, for it is helpless on land, the home of us humans.

What still posited a problem was the fact that even if the whale was released into the water, it could swim back to the land so to make sure this did not happen, the people used to jet ski to show the whale which way to go. When the whale was finally back where it was always supposed to be, a wave of jubilation passed through every single person who had been a part of the rescue mission.

We often forget how essential and valuable life, in itself, is. The word “life”, here, is not just limited to the lives of human beings. Any life, be it human, animal or anything is an essential part of this world and nothing can change this truth. This video of the whale being saved has been watched millions of times on Facebook and YouTube because it is a reminder to humanity at large that none of us are alone- there will always be someone or some people or some being that will help us get through everything. We are all a part of this big global family and the relationship that we share with each other is ride or die.

If you are reading this article today, let it serve as a reminder to be a kinder and better person, to help those in need and try and protect lives whenever you can. If we all come together, nothing can harm us in any way. That is the rule of the Universe.