Power Of Nature Huge Wave Engulfs A Drone Camera

The Praia Do Norte Beach in Nazare, Portugal is well known to surfers from around the world as many of them come here looking for the adventure of a lifetime. The gigantic waves that break here have at times reached even 115 ft in height and have even been included in the Guinness Book of Records under biggest waves that have been surfed so far.

An undersea canyon located just off the coast which is called the Nazare Canyon is the cause because it interferes between swell waves as they head towards the cause making them bigger than they usually are. The record for the highest wave surfed here is held by Rodrigo Koxa who rode a wave that was 80 ft high.

Sebastian Steudtner is one such thrill seekers. Born in Nuremberg, Germany, he learned to surf at the age of nine during a family vacation in France and it quickly became his passion. He attended a surfing academy in Hawaii and he’s now in the class of All-Time Elite Big Wave Surfers. This title was earned at Praia do Norte where he surfed a 71 ft wave in 2014. His aim is to break the World Record for Biggest Wave ever surfed.

This incident occurred in January 18th 2018 when a now 32 year old Steudtner was once again catching the highest waves of the season at Praia do Norte beach. Maquina Voadora, a local drone camera team specialising in recording all kinds of risky sports, especially those conducted in hair raising conditions, set out to record Steudtner riding the waves.

The footage here was discovered only a few months after the incident. A swell originating from a North Atlantic storm was causing enormous waves, some of them even 80 ft high and in the video, we can see Sebastian Steudtner having what may be the time of his life as he is chased by a true monstrosity of a wave.

It is so huge that during his daredevilry he’s only just about seen thanks to the long wake of foam he leaves behind as he cuts his way through the water. He looks almost miniscule in comparison to the wave coming up behind him. True to form, he rode the wave perfectly but the same could not be said for the unfortunate camera that was used to film him.

In an attempt to record Steudtner catching the wave and subsequently recovering, the camera was flown at a much lower altitude than usual. It dipped so low that it almost recorded its own end as a humongous wave crashed into it completely swallowing it in the process. Luckily the camera was recovered and this footage is now available in the video below. Watching it will put you in awe of the wonder that is nature.