Popular DJ Salvatore Ganacci Gets Some Attention… For All The Wrong Reasons

Salvatore Ganacci is a known name in the music world. However, he performs but with his own unique style.

Ganacci has performed at big festivals such as Tomorrow Land so he isn’t someone to be taken too lightly.

Hailing from Bosnia, Salvatore has had many famous releases such as ‘Fresh’, which was released through the Universal Music Group and gained instant reaction.

This time, however, Ganacci has received attention for all the wrong reasons. It is apparent that in a live concert, he was seen dancing in some very weird ways with some very eccentric dance steps.

The dance moves were a mix of twerks, bicycle kicks, handstands and some provocative dancing that seemed a bit edgy to say the least.

Despite his dance moves though, the crowd seemed to be enjoying every move of his. Ganacci is no small name in the industry but seeing him with such moves is kind of… disturbing.

Ganacci started his music career in 2014 with “Fresh” being released as his first single and it made major, major rounds. Next, in 2015, Ganacci signed a deal with Sabastian Ingrosso’s infamous Refune Music Label. Next up, he released a video for the song ‘Money In My Mattress’, which also got some attention.

Ganacci has also performed in different music festivals over the years. In 2017, he performed at the infamous Tomorrow Land Festival. Then, in 2018, the musician performed at the Ultra Music Festival and also at the main stage of the Tomorrow Land Festival. He was known to have a strong show personality at that time.

Ganacci is a little different than ‘orthodox’. He has had many good singles such as Money, Talk, Way Back Home, Imagine, Dive, Nah Tell Dem and various others that add to his credibility.

Whether Ganacci is a solid musician or not, that is a different concern but his provocative and over exposing dance moves and twerks have left everybody in a state of shock.

Watch the full video here: