Owner Returns to find his Kitchen Redecorated by his Furry Friend

Puppies are one of the cutest things on Earth. Thank God, they can be such nice friends. We can just go and cuddle with them whenever we want, and they are our companions when we have no one around us. Of course, they come with a lot of responsibilities – feeding them, walking them down the parks and cleaning up their smelly poo. But that’s all right – we know it’s the least we can do for the love and care our furry friends bestow upon us!

But sometimes, they could get really mischievous.

That’s what 35-year-old John Pennington found out when he came home late from work. He had kept his, puppy, a 10-week-old American Bulldog in a cage, and being the natural Houdini, his puppy escaped the prison, without any worry. And what could be the best thing for a little puppy to do? Of course, bring everything to a mess, as all kids do.

John Pennington calls his furry buddy, Hulk. Well, John, did you really not expect something like this when you named your buddy after a green monster? Hulk does his job well. Once out of the cage, he went on to smash a paint tin, decorated the kitchen and ended up pooping on the cooker, out of all the possible places! You got to give it to this little pup – he knows his mischief well.

The artist’s signature

Hulk did not bother to hide his trails though. His paw prints bless the tiles, the cooker and all the places he ran around. Even exhaustion couldn’t keep this young pup in check. Before John’s return, he had crawled back to his cage for a nap. How do we know that? He has left paint all over the cage as well!

A lesson for Hulk

What could be the outcome of this terrible carnage? Some disciplinary measures for the pup, I presume. But John is a well-tempered man. He was just shocked at the condition of his kitchen. He couldn’t believe it. He captured all of it in a video and you could listen to the shock and excitement in his voice. Hulk just sat at the corner and wagged his tail, pointing his puppy eyes at his owner. How could he do anything to this cute, innocent furry friend? No, John couldn’t teach Hulk a lesson for ruining his kitchen. He was annoyed, of course, but it was funny too.

John just couldn’t believe it

John has a pet taxi service in his locality, St Helens, Merseyside, and he really couldn’t believe three things that had happened just because he was a bit late. Firstly, how did Hulk get out of the cage. It was locked after all. Secondly, how could he get on the cage and on to the recess. That’s really something mysterious. But what blows his mind is how did Hulk go up to the paint tin on the window and smash it open?

But, John, these are mysteries that will forever stay with Hulk. His mother was outside and its clear John’s furry friend got a bit lonely sitting in the cage.

His adventure, well, that’s best left to our imagination.

The aftermath

Hulk is not harmed in any way. Actually, in the video, he wags his tail proudly as if he had achieved something. He has won all our hearts, for sure. John has cleaned off all the paint after a few washes. The flat – it’s redecorated and is fine now.

There’s the lesson for you all – it’s fine if you get a puppy. Just don’t name it after a green monster. You wouldn’t want the Hulk smash all your things, would you?