Morgan Freeman Tries An Amazing Role Of A ‘Protector’.

Veteran actor Morgan Freeman has bagged many roles in Hollywood and is known popularly for his contributions towards the revival and protection of bees. Bees have a huge contribution towards the food we consume daily. Sadly, their population is at threat due to the increase in pesticides. Despite all efforts like cultivating flowering plants and reducing the use of pesticides that have been taken up by the governments of various countries to protect the survival of bees, the effort is not up to the mark.

Freeman is one among the few adorned celebrities who have worked for the welfare and protection of the environment. In order to sustain the growth of bee population, he has converted his ranch of 124acres into a bee sanctuary.

It requires skilled experience to handle the bees, which Freeman believes he has attained. He mentioned at a talk show with Jimmy Fallon how he has been taking care of the bees and quite interestingly, he doesn’t need to use any protective covering like the beekeeping hat while he is around the bees. His motive behind the noble hobby was due to his concern for the slowly dying insect population whose survival is at risk.

Bees have become more like friends to him whom they do not sting. They understand that he is there to help them and not harness their honey.  Freeman had begun his work somewhere around 2014 by bringing home 26 bee hives from Arkansas to his 124 acre ranch at Mississippi. The ranch was turned into a sanctuary that holds millions of flowering plants that are necessary for the growth and preservation of bees.

As UN has observed, bees which are otherwise not among the species well identified as endangered, are the ones who are actually nearing extinction. Freeman looks after the sanctuary alongside trained professionals. He doesn’t intend to cultivate honey and is simply concerned with the survival of the threatened lot. He provides them with sugar water as fodder, which will help the babies grow and pollinate in the near future. As far as the plants are concerned, he has hired proper gardeners to take care of them. The better the plants, the more shall be the growth of bees. The plants include lavenders, magnolia etc, marked distinctly for their sweet smell.

Such an attempt has been like a cornerstone for creating awareness among many people. The more such personalized attempts come up, the more widespread shall the message be. It also intends to influence the governmental bodies to take up the issue as a concern.