No Microphone Needed For “The Brothers Moving” Band

Brothers Moving is a Danish band formed in New York City in 2008 by actual siblings: Esben (lead vocals, guitar, kazoo), Aske (lead vocals, lead guitar) and Simon Knoblauch (cajón) and brother in arms Nils Sørensen (bass). Their music is rooted in the blues, soul, rock, folk & funk. Their sound is extremely contagious and effective when it comes to making people dance and smile. They are a band that’s so full of energy which never fails to bring smiles and fascinate the audience anywhere they perform.

These brothers have simply taken the concept of busking to whole new level – they have built a career out of playing in public spaces, particularly Union Square in New York.  In 2009, a year after the inception of the band, Brothers Moving passed auditions for the MUNY (Music Under New York) membership.  This gave them opportunity to offer pleasant soul sounds to the pedestrians moving through New York City’s gridlocked subway stations, concrete jungles and squares.

The Brothers Moving’s rise to fame began when video of them performing the Cab Calloway classic “Minnie The Moocher” in Union Square surfaced online. By 2016 they headlined their debut concerts in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which sold out and was well received by the audience. In the same year, Brothers Moving also performed at the Fusion Festival in Germany, and at Stereoleto Festival in Saint Petersburg. They are regarded as one of the most influential street bands in the past years, and considered early pioneers of using the Peruvian cajón drum as a replacement for a full drum kit.

Currently, the Brothers Moving band has recorded 2 albums.  Their debut, self-named and self-released album was in 2012, it is followed most recently by their Autonomy album released in January 2018.  The band has performed live on stages around the world, from New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall to the Grand Canyon National Park and on to Moscow’s night club scene amassing a loving fan base on their trail.

The Brothers Moving band do not need any special  effects or microphones to thrill a crowd. Their music is bound to sway anyone who is lucky enough to wander past their set on any street or Local Square anywhere in the world