Meet The Alien Who Makes Music – GRAViiTY

Have you ever seen an alien making music? If you answered No, let me introduce you to Zackary Arthur, better known by his stage name GRAViiTY. He is an independent artist and DJ who describes himself as an ‘extraterrestrial artist’.

He travels the roads of the world from Hamburg to New Delhi while he experiments with different styles of music including trance, acid and techno to create unique sounds. He accomplishes all this with an Ableton 9 and on stage plays his live set with Launchpad, Crystal Ball, Electric Guitar and synths.

He is known for performing while wearing an Alien head mask, which makes his work feel surreal and extraterrestrial. His first EP named GRAViiTY has 5 amazing tracks and was released in September 2017. Since that time it has amassed over a million listens on Sound Cloud alone. Grav is also featured in the Reality Album by Darktek which was released early this year.

Watch Full Video Here :


In August 2017 he started a crowd funding project to make a professional-quality video for his music “Shaman”. He was unable to meet his €6000 goal, which means our dreams of watching a cool video of an Alien performing the Shaman track has been put on hold.

Even though the crowd funding fell short of expectation, it didn’t hold Graviity back as he has embarked on his ALiEN Tour, which started in February this year. The tour will last till December, taking him to over five countries spanning France, Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Germany.

GRAViiTY continues to travel the world, experimenting with music to produce entrancing tracks that will keep fans all over the world wanting more. Connect with him on Facebook and check out his GRAViiTY EP on Sound Cloud here