This 69-year-old Grandma Became A Fitness Enthusiast In Her Late 60’s

Fitness grandma
Fitness grandma

Geralda is a 69-year-old fitness enthusiast. She loves to workout and works out at least thrice a day.

A grandma, this woman has kept herself really FIT.

What’s special about this 69-year-old grandma is that she is a fitness enthusiast who doesn’t know anything else but to keep herself fit. Also, she doesn’t shy away from any kind of exercise so that’s a plus. There’s a lot this woman can do!

The motivation behind her workouts is the fact that she wants to stay strong. According to this fitness guru, she doesn’t want anybody to carry her in old age. She wants to live strongly and independently.

Fitness Grandma-2
Fitness Grandma-2

A Story Worth Telling

Geralda became a fitness enthusiast 5 years ago. She started off her gym and fitness routine and she is now a hardcore enthusiast.

According to Geralda, it is all about staying fit. However, with that and considering her age too, she does not want to be a burden to anybody. Thus, she tries to figure things out herself. She also wants to stay strong for that reason.

For Geralda, the gym is now her second home. And it only makes sense because she is spotted there at least thrice a week. Her body is also proof of how fit she is. She is a fitness junkie and it genuinely shows.

However, for this 69-year-old grandmom, her passion for staying fit doesn’t stop at the gym because she also loves rock climbing. In fact, she is very open about her adventures and loves to share her life with people on Instagram too.

This video shows us many things:

It shows us the power of determination. It shows the importance of staying fit. It also shows that if you put your mind to something, there isn’t any reason why you won’t achieve it.

I feel if Geralda can, anybody can too!