Hilarious Video Alert: Magician Attempts To Sell Bag Of Weed To Police Officer

MagicianSells Weed-2
MagicianSells Weed-2

Weed is something everybody has always remained hush-hush about. People don’t talk about it with anyone, let alone police cops.

However, this magician tried to change that. He held no bounds in that regard, as he tried to sell a bag of weed to a police cop.

MagicianSells Weed
MagicianSells Weed

Initially, the magician asks the officer if he wants to buy weed from him. There is a bag of weed on him too. He asks for an amount and the police officer freaks out. The cop then tries to grab the bag from him. Once the police officer gets close and tries to take the bag away, the magician makes the bag DISAPPEAR.

What went on next was a series of tricks and some playing around with the officer.

Initially, the police officer gets angry but as the magician continues to show his tricks, even the officer gets along and is stunned every time he sees a new trick.

The magician plays a set of different tricks including those of cards, disappearing coins, changing the card in question, pulling a bag from his pocket and taking out a huge stand from it. Even the police officer was stunned through in and throughout.

The video is enjoyable because the police officer gets stunned by the magician’s amazing tricks. The best part is that even the police officer starts laughing as he continues to experience these tricks.

Throughout the video, you can see some super cool tricks being played out by the magician. Some of them even left me stunned.

The most intriguing part was how the video started, where the magician has an obvious bag of weed and he attempts to sell it to the officer. The officer, not knowing much at that time, gets freaked out. When he tries to grab the bag, it disappears.

So unbelievable, so funny and so hilarious.

You can watch the complete video here: