Meet Greg Booth – The Remarkable Dobro Player

Greg Booth’s passion for music began at a young age, when a friend gave him a copy of the Kentucky Colonels album “Appalachian Swing” and he fell in love with the instrumental bluegrass music. Greg became driven to learn how to play decided to learn to play the banjo. His mom signed him up for lessons at a music store in Arlington with the great Bill Emerson of Jimmy Martin fame and The Country Gentlemen. Within a few years Greg had started playing in a popular band in Oregon called Puddle City, Greg played in the band for 3 years, and during that time they recorded an album, released single and also he learned to play the mandolin, bass and guitar.

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By his final year in college, Greg had become fascinated by the pedal steel guitar. After graduation from college he took a road trip to Alaska and there he found a flourishing music scene in Anchorage, (during the oil boom of the 70s & 80s) this gave him the opportunity to play as much as 7 nights a week (for 7 hours a night) for many years. With the constant practice and performances, Greg forged a music style that is uniquely his own, when he finally picked up the Dobro, it was a ‘walk in the park’. Greg won the RockyGrass Dobro competition in 2006 after playing the instrument for just a year.

Greg’s passion for the Dobro led him to create a Youtube channel with 40+ Dobro videos, surpassing 1500 views daily. Greg has recorded massive success playing in house bands for over 20 years. He is a regular instructor at Rob Icke’s ResoSummit & has also taught at many music camps in the United States and abroad. Greg Booth currently records and tours with the California based Kathy Kallick Band.

Years of making & teaching music have gifted Greg the ability to create detailed melodies that makes anyone listening want more. With the Kathy Kallick band he becomes another voice, creating and playing just what a song needs. Don’t miss a chance to watch this musical prodigy perform!