Dog Waits for a Month for its Owner to Return Home After the California Fire

Fire is the greatest invention of human beings. Yet ironically, it is one of the most devastating misfortunes that could happen to anyone. Recently, the Camp Fire in California that is considered to be the most destructive and deadliest wildfire in the history of the state, destroyed many homes and lives. It started on 8th of November this year and was entirely contained on 28th of the same month.  It killed at the least 85 members of surrounding areas, with 17 injured people. It was a widely spread deluge of fire covering 153,336 acres. The flames continued for about 2 weeks, burning everything around them day and night. The estimated damage as of now has been calculated as $7.5-10 billion, that is the insured damage. Almost 18,804 buildings have been wrecked by the fire.

Among this sad story of the havoc, we have a story of optimism and loyalty. A dog of the Anatolian breed, named Madison, waited for about a month for its owners to return to the same place where once their home used to be before the fire consumed it. Andrea Gaylord, the owner of Madison had no option but to leave behind the wretched Madison and Miguel (its brother) when the authority announced for the evacuation of the houses as soon as possible. Gaylord couldn’t even visit it back due to the prohibition orders from the authority.

Miguel was found later by a neighbour, named Shayla. But Andrea had faith that even Madison has survived the flames. To find Madison, Andrea gave Shayla a piece of her clothing to leave on the ruins of her previous home. She hoped that the dog would come running to her scent from the piece of the clothing.

And it worked! Andrea returned home to find her missing dog- Madison in front of the burnt home as if he was protecting the leftovers in the ruins. The dog didn’t give up on its family. He waited as long as he could. That’s the loyalty of this speechless creature.

The story of Andrea is just one of the many anecdotes that resulted from this hazard. The exact cause of the fire is still unknown and an investigation is still going on upon it. However, authorities have speculated that there was a poorly maintained steel hook holding a line of high voltage that caused the fire.

Reportedly, in total 8,434 fire hazards have devastated the resources of California only in the year, 2018. The season is now known as the wildfire season in the state. Also, this year is the deadliest and the most devastating of all the seasons in the record of California. To be exact in numbers, the fires have caused a damage of $3.5 billion, killing 97 civilians and 6 fire-fighters.

When we delve deep into the reports of the devastation caused by the recent Camp Fire, we are surrounded by utmost misery and depression due to the loss of human lives and invaluable resources. Nonetheless, we have the story of Madison and Andrea that keeps our hope alive. No matter how apocalyptic the situation might turn out to be, love and loyalty always survive and win.