Can Humans Control Rain? Here is Godwin Onesadus’s Story

If one goes into folk lore and urban legends or even older ones, one may find the mention of some mystical men of some kind or the other. They may be soothsayers, people with a connection to God and people who can control rain- both causing and stopping it.

In the modern world, there is no place for these people because we have science, but if one ventures into the most remote villages of Nigeria, they might find people whose livelihood is based upon this. Yes, you heard me right.

This video tells the story of Godwin Onesadu, a man in Africa who claims to be a rain maker. He says that he can make rain both fall or make it stop and is paid by the villagers to cause or stop rain according to their convenience. When you go to him, he asks you to carry a few things; these things also serve as his payment sometimes. His typical demands are kolanuts, some beer and a certain type of gin.

His procedure to make rain fall is quite peculiar and interesting as well. He has a few instruments that he uses to make different kinds of noises and apparently that is what helps him bring down rain. The people of the village that he lives in also hire him to make sure that no rain falls on a particular day to make sure important occasions are carried out without being rained upon.

In this video, Godwin starts the procedure and in about two hours, it does rain, but that does not actually mean that he has the powers that he claims he does. The place where Godwin lives gets a fair amount of rainfall during a specific time of the year and that is when the video was shot.

Although all of this is highly fascinating and pretty cool, there is no scientific backing, nor can there be. In fact, the Metorological Society of Nigeria makes it very clear that the weather and climate can only be determined scientifically and there is no other possibility.

A man cannot cause or stop rainfall, Nature does not follow the instructions of any mortal. Another very pertinent point that goes against this story is that these things have been historically accurately been observed by science and different branches of it and that is something that cannot be changed.

There is another thing that considerably dampens Godwin’s case, it is the fact that we have weather apps on all our smart phones that comes with almost 100% accuracy and not only that, we can access it to know about the weather for no payment at all.

Stories like these make for fascinating camp tales but one cannot really say with complete assurance or guarantee that this is absolutely true or that a man can indeed make rain happen with some music and other such stuff, but it is a part of the culture that we will look back upon someday.