Calm Superpower, Watch This Safari Guide Calming Aggressive Elephant

Humans are the most advanced race, the most intelligent and developed as well, but does this mean that all of us are intelligent or perceptive enough when it comes to wildlife?

Most of us are under the impression that wild animals are all about hunting, attacking and preying but there is a part of them that we all forget- they treat others as they are treated. All of us are more or less aware of the fact that a wild animal is unlikely to bother us until and unless we do something to provoke it and that is the rule of Nature.

When we go into forests and sanctuaries to camp, we forget that we are entering into their world and we have to live by their rules. As the most advanced species, we think that we are the ones that get to make the rules and that is why bad things happen.

This video is proof of the fact that all we have to do is treat them better. Alan McSmith, who is an African Safari Guide and believes that wilderness is not just a place, but a way of life shows us how.

The video features a full grown elephant running towards McSmith, on its way to attack him but McSmith stops it without going close to it or even touching it. He just stares at him for a good minute and exudes a calm vibe, which in turn, calms the elephant down and he stops in his tracks. This is testimony of the reality that animals are also living beings that pick up on their surroundings. It is just how things are.

Especially when it comes to elephants, we tend to forget that they are the most intelligent beings of all; they know and understand what is happening around them. It is also said that if someone helps an elephant out of something once, it is likely that they will remember the person’s face for as long as they live, and would even return the favour if a situation so arises.

The opposite of this is also held to be true, that if someone wrongs an elephant, they will be remembered as someone to take revenge on. Alan McSmith has conducted various talks in which he discusses these things and talks about his Safaris which do not have much to do with money, for his Safaris tell a story- a story that belongs to the wildlife and since they cannot tell it, he feels like it is his responsibility to do so.

In conclusion, it can rightly be said that the even though we do not know a lot about wild animals and wild life, a bit of compassion and calmness goes a long way. It is the rule of the Universe. When you give out compassion and tolerance, it is what you receive in return and this applies to all living beings, not just humans. Next time you venture into the wilderness, remember this.

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