Outkast, Hey Ya! (2ICE cover) – Busking in the Streets of London, UK

Street Music Live in London, UK

2ice is a band of 2 young talented Brazilian born twins, musicians and song writers with their father helping the way.
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Outkast, Hey Ya! (2ICE cover) – Busking in the Streets of London, UK

 Busking is one of my favourite ways to perform. I find it the most humbling kind of performance because each person who smiles or drops coins (or notes!) in your case is showing direct support for your art.

In most major cities around the world, you will find Street musicians at the corners of major city blocks, subway stations and often open spaces with a lot of crowd. Street performance also known as busking is the act of performing in public places for gratuities.

There have been performances in public places for gratuities in every major culture in the world, dating back to history. For most musicians back then, street performance was the most common means of employment before the advent of recording devices and personal electronics. In those ancient times listening to a performer in the street was the only way to hear music. The term busking is attributed to the Romans who introduced it to England during their travels along the Mediterranean coast to Spain, the Atlantic and then up the north of England and the rest of Europe.